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Complex Appearances Simply Controlled

S²MS in operation:

  • Inclusion of sensors (light sensors, contact switches for doors and windows)
  • Controlling of air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Controlling of chain hoists and lighting crossbeams
  • Controlling and coupling of third-party crafts via the serial interface of aedicontrol
  • Controlling and coupling of EIB systems (via an EIB gateway)
  • Multimedia controlling
  • Audio and video controlling
  • Switched light and switched receptacle
  • Controlled light
  • Current measurement and voltage metering

Block diagram S²MS

Blockdiagramm S2MS Rework


Royal Opera House

Another project has been completed: The "Royal Opera House" in Muscat / Oman commences operations! The technology is controlled by S²MS - to the utmost satisfaction of our clients!

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